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Un error en la marca no da lugar a la aprehensión sino a la corrección de la declaración

DIAN Concepto Jurídico 11266 del 2017 Junio 22, Un error en la marca no da lugar a la aprehensión sino a la corrección de la...

La DIAN reglamentó la certificación electrónica de origen en el marco del TLC entre Colombia y EE UU

Resolucion por la cual se reglamenta el artículo 66 del Decreto 730 de 2012 que da cumplimiento a los compromisos adquiridos por Colombia en virtud...

Dian tendrá acceso a base de datos mundial sobre autenticidad de productos

(Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales, Comunicado 21 - 1/31/2017) A través de un comunicado, la Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales (Dian) informó que...

Adoptarían medidas para controlar el fraude aduanero en importaciones de calzado

(Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales, Proyecto de norma - 10/11/2016) El Ministerio de Hacienda, a través de la Dian, publicó un proyecto de norma...

Our Company


BSP CARGA S.A.S, started work on 30 March 2009, initially dedicated to marketing, nationalization and distribution technology, thanks to the experience and vision of the administrative and financial manager; foreign trade, allowed to route to this young company to maintain customs, international cargo and Nacional, the above indicates that from an unmet need arises the business opportunity today provide services to more than 60 companies and individuals who They have a complete logistics, customs and foreign trade service.


Provide solutions to registered individuals and corporations, in foreign trade, logistics, international and domestic, supported by personalized service, with highly qualified staff, an organizational culture based on the optimization of processes, competitiveness and social responsibility .


At 2016 to be consolidated as a business group to provide an integrated foreign trade services, international and domestic logistics, seeking continuous improvement of processes by implementing technological advances and innovation, constantly training human resources, to generate a customer service quality and efficiency.

Our values

TEAMWORK: share knowledge, experience and effort, providing the best of each and taking responsibility for the achievement of a common goal.

RESPECT: the polite and dignified manner that recognizes the equality and diversity of individuals, avoiding discrimination, being consistent with the word, accepting the opinions of others, and avoiding actions and comments that may disturb.

RESPONSIBILITY: do things the best way, so that never harm another; bear the consequences of our words, actions, decisions and commitments.

HONESTY: act with truth, honesty and total transparency. To seek, accept and tell the truth, respecting the rights and property of people.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: listening, attending, identify and assist in finding solutions that meet their needs with a comprehensive service that generates loyalty and mutual trust.

COMMITMENT: professionalism assume the functions, duties or securities that facilitate achieving the mission of the company.

SENSE OF BELONGING: ability to evaluate, defend and help meet all personal and organizational goals.

TIMELINESS: discipline to meet our commitments on time.